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Video marketing is the next big thing in advertising and is transforming how businesses communicate with their customers in a way that text and images can’t.


At Magnafi, we are passionate about crafting beautiful films, but we are just as determined to make video content meet your business objectives.


To help you map out your video marketing strategy, we will share with you our 5 step process for video marketing success, from planning and creating to measuring its effectiveness.


We will deliver these tips and advice by email over the course of a week. Sign up for free below.




Firstly, we want brands to create brilliant video marketing campaigns.

Secondly, we hope we can convince you to choose Magnafi to develop, create and market your video content.



The quotes and stats to make the case for video marketing are almost endless, below are a select few of our favourites:


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated that “video will look like as big of a shift in the way we all share and communicate as mobile has been.”


Shoppers who view video are 81% more likely than non viewers to make a purchaseAdobe Video SEO, 2015


Video is 50 times more likely to appear in Google searchForrester Research 2016


1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video – Insivia 2016