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Us too!


It’s why Magnafi are looking for a Strategy Director. Someone who shares our passion for exploring the evolution of film; challenging its conventions and continually searching out what’s next.


We imagine you’ll have the very latest technology, audience and platform data at your fingertips. You’ll be an incredibly resourceful researcher using an array of digital tools and desk research to mine for insights that blow the brains of creative teams. You’re an acknowledged expert in content marketing with an ability to plan right across the customer journey. You’re a storming presenter; able to weave stories and generate excitement in the room from even the driest data. You’re someone who doesn’t shy away from delivering the tough news to clients and is confident challenging even the most deeply held beliefs. You’re someone who loves to take on a wide ranging brief, meticulously breaking it down and driving the work forward yourself rather than simply delegating. You’ll think of yourself more scientist than creative but know that the two go hand in glove. You’ll be a natural leader too – someone who enjoys nurturing a team and leads by example.


Magnafi is part of the MMI Group; the largest portfolio of content strategy and film production companies in Northern England (UK). We combine a full strategic agency set up with the largest TV commercial and content production engine outside London incorporating a studio complex & post-production facilities. You’ll work side by side with film directors, technologists, producers, designers, documentary makers, creatives, digital planners, motion graphics artists to name just a few.  It’s an unusual collection of skills all under one roof but it’s a set-up which our clients absolutely love.


And to continue to lead in this space, we recruit on a strong set of values born from a collective pride, ambition and inventiveness. Our shared ethos means we can run through walls together. The first question is always – are you with us?


If this hits you in the heart as well as the head then send us your cv or up to date Linkedin profile to


We encourage applications from those seeking return to work, part time or flexible working arrangements and candidates from diverse backgrounds. International applications are welcome with relocation packages available.