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Snapchat have got competition ahead this April as Apple are upsetting the status quo in social video with their latest introduction of Clips  – an app to make snappy video creation seamless.


The most revolutionary thing about Clips is that they show just how much SnapChat is limiting users. The fact that you are unable to easily find other members in search and the lack of analytics available are two of the biggest weaknesses of the network that could well be its tombstone.


What made these social networks and their versions of the “stories” functionality so novel has now been superseded by this latest IOS release.


Clips is channel agnostic and allows for sharing of video to any social platform including YouTube and Vimeo.


This is one element that we think would be perfect for use by vloggers already active on YouTube who are looking to stand out from the crowd. Another is that video can be up to an hour long. This is a breath of fresh air if you are long tired of 60 second time restrictions.


When you create content for a single social network you limit your reach – if Clips works as well as promised it will make utilising all possible video assets far less of a difficult task.


In the example below you can see how the finished content looks and how it could be perfect for creating explainer content for a product or accessory.


The demo also highlights the use of Apple’s voice to text feature called Live Titles. Tediously transcribing your video to create titles is now a thing of the past. This is yet another highlight which was created in mind with Facebook’s standard muting of video within the timeline.


apple clips example


Advertising Considerations


One of the most interesting elements that has potential for marketing professionals has got to be, what are our options depending on customisation and the use of their version of filters?


Will branded filters be an option? (and will they be at a higher premium than SnapChat’s already astronomical costs?)


As we haven’t been able to test the tool out we can’t know yet, but we really hope that Clips have found a way to encapsulate the community spirit that SnapChat did so well in the use of filters.


We can’t wait to find out – in the meantime we’re on the edge of our seats waiting for its release.


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