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That is Pun Jar.


Pun Jar (1)


I am Pun Gent.


Pun Gent (2)


Whether you love them or hate them, puns fly around fairly regularly at Magnafi, well, certainly since I have been in the building.


10 pence a pun, Nick may see this as a punishment but I think they are worth every penny. Plus, once the pot is full it’ll buy more than a few Jar Jar Drinks….


The comment that saw the jar introduced came on Tuesday at the end of a test shoot for Sofology’s next campaign – a project that has dominated my latest week on placement.


Thats a wrap (3)

(that’s a wrap!)

Having been at a test shoot, over to Dock 10 to see the footage and experiment with 3D interpretations, over to Sofology head quarters for an update, another test shoot and then the real thing on Friday, whilst writing and re-writing scripts at the same time, it has been a mad old time.


Dock 10 (4)

Test shoot (5)

Mad but brilliant.


It was fantastic to be so involved, and even little things like being introduced as a member of the team are not only hugely appreciated but also highlights just how Magnafi operate. If you can do it you are trusted to go and do it. Everyone pulls together to do brilliant work.


It is fantastic to be a part of it all.


And part of it all for at least 3 more weeks. I was given the happy news that my placement had been extended from 7 weeks to 10 on Tuesday.


We are going to need a bigger jar!


Outside of work I managed to see my first ‘Audacious Church’ (?) but ran out of time to go see the ‘Brazen Synagogue’. And I also managed a couple of guest posts on What The Book.


The Millennial Falcon below was #blessed.


Audacious Church (6)


Millenial Falcon (7)



Unfortunately there were no new stadiums this week but my team in Edinburgh, Hearts, have erected the main truss of their own brand new stand so… still counts.


Tynecastle (8)


Until next time…