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This blog post will self-destruct in t minus 5 minutes…


The last three weeks have been a blur of getting TV ads ready for Magnafi’s biggest client and preparing two big pitches, one that was so high profile, those involved in its preparation were sworn to absolute secrecy.


I felt a little like James Bond to be honest.


If James Bond, the spy, made a habit of advertising himself that is.


Come to think of it, he does.


Unfortunately the weekly blogs have suffered but here I will attempt to summarise what have been the most challenging, but also the most eye opening and character building 3 weeks of my career so far – let alone the placement.


The first of the three was spent mostly at Dock 10, working on one of our biggest clients, where we were editing the footage shot the previous Friday, grading, recording VO’s and choosing the final music.



If I were to grade my grading experience I’d say it passed with flying colours…


It was a steep learning curve personally, but the team got two stunning adverts out and laid very solid foundations for a few more which was extremely, extremely rewarding.


I was in total awe of everyone involved to be honest.


The rest of that week was spent back at Naval Street generating ideas for a brand new pitch that would occur the following Monday. This was the top secret one.


And therein lay an entirely different challenge.


To be totally invested in a campaign to the point where it was my sole focus, all I was thinking about, all I was writing for – and then have to come out and get into a mind set of new ideas for something totally different, straight away, caught me a little off guard.


All brilliant practice though.


And it was great to finally meet Will, who had been in at that point for his week’s placement.


6 years my junior he not only hugely impressed with the quality of his work but, with my having packed light and for only 7 weeks, his sharp suits showed my own tiring wardrobe up no end!



He liked the pun jar too.


On the non-work front my Dad was down that weekend as it has been a wee while since I’ve ventured south.  He ate too much and I drank too much.


Not all experiences have to be new!


The following week saw us present our work at the big pitch and learn that we had made it to the final 2. It’s a shame I can’t write here what it was for even if only to get across the scale of that achievement in it’s own right.


Following a full debrief, a follow up pitch was scheduled for the coming Monday.


Consequently, the rest of the week was spent going flat out, addressing the feedback we’d been given from round one and getting pitch 2 into stellar shape.


The week ended with a Sunday Wagammama’s in the boardroom and the team staying until 11pm to get what was needed done.


(The m is for ‘meeting’…)


It was great though, being caught in the slipstream of going hell for leather.


There was time in amongst all this for some 84th Birthday celebrations in the office…




The rest of the week featured another jaunt to Dock 10 for more post-production and contributing some words and ideas to a big digital pitch.


This was followed by a status meeting on Friday afternoon we learned that an arguably even bigger opportunity had been set up by our BD team to pitch for.


At Magnafi, the ethos seems to be “Make each Monday as big, if not bigger than the last.”