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For this episode of In Shot we cover the final scene from The Truman Show as chosen by Magnafi Creative Director, Nick Entwistle.


Nick is the owner of @OneMinuteBriefs and The Bank of Creativity.


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One of my favourite shots ever in any film is probably something that I find really memorable. It was actually the end of the Truman Show film, starring Jim Carey.


Now I think it had such a huge impact due to the story line building up to it. It was actually right at the end of the film. The story line itself for those that don’t know was about a guy who’s life as he knew it wasn’t what it seemed and he was actually the star of a film and a TV programme which everyday his life was followed on camera and all of other people in his life were cast and starring in the film as well.

So, in the end he worked out the he was part of this film and experiment and tried to escape what was happening in his life. So he sets sail and just tries to escape, tries to get away and he actually ended up

coming to a point where he actually reached the edge of this film set which is the end of this world and his world in terms of it being on a film set. He was able to literally hit it with his boat. It was almost like a wooden wall that had been created around it. He hits it, and was literally able to wall up some steps and walk out of the door.

Now that moment just captures the emotion and escapism. It’s not technically the most brilliant shot for me to

maybe choose as one of my favourite shots, however the emptiness and the beauty of it was the way, and how simple it was and the way it was painted in with a traditional sky and sea scene that you thought was absolutely real and then suddenly it wasn’t there, I just think was absolutely amazing and very impactful.


So that is why I choose that as something that came to mind as one of my most memorable favourite shots in film.