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Although it is every advertiser’s dream to think that the public say “I love this advert” about your work, the truth is, this is the exception rather than the rule.


On TV, viewers are forced to watch the ads while they wait for their show to start. Sometimes paying attention, sometimes not. Once you have seen an ad a few times, it is more likely to be the latter.


This is amplified even further online, where users can easily skip or swipe past your advertising. Continuing to serve the same ad blindly over and over again is going to see diminishing results. 

With the correct strategy in place to retain engagement with your target audience, you can deliver varying messages to them over time, without your ads showing fatigue.


The key video marketing platforms, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, all allow what we term “Sequential Retargeting”. In other words, showing a number of adverts in a sequence to people who engaged with the previous ad.  


This can be based on a number of different actions; viewed a certain percentage of the ad, clicked through to the website, liked or shared the page or even bought from you.


The sequence can be played out over a very short period of time, or over a number of weeks or even months.  



We have done this with a number of clients, including women’s fashion brand Chi Chi London. We served the first video to users who had visited the website, then subsequent videos showing different styles of dresses to these viewers. If they skipped the first ad, we didn’t waste more budget trying to advertise to them, instead focussing on those that had shown interest.


This leads to very low cost per views, high view rates and very good click through rates, as we were serving the videos to users who had shown a high level of interest in the brand.


If you want to find out how sequential retargeting can transform your video marketing campaigns, get in touch today