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I’ve been reminded about my age a few times in the last week. The first when one of our bright young people was incredulous that it was FIVE years since they finished university… and I figured out – slowly as the brain is not quite so sharp – that for me it was seventeen.


The second time was more pleasant, when one of the most talented juniors I have had the pleasure of mentoring, came up to visit from the big bad city of London to tell me she had been promoted, appreciated and propelled yet further into what is looking like being a very promising career. I used to see a bit of the younger me in her and be taken back to the heady and wondrous days of my first job when she was in my team, however now she is all grown up, it seems she is more likely to be taking my job than working into it. And I couldn’t be more proud.


As I have gone further into my career I have realised that working with those who are just beginning gives me a real kick. I love it when they come at things from an entirely new perspective, when their film references are closer to my daughter’s than mine, when it feels like they are almost speaking a foreign language – creativity in our office thrives on this difference and tension. Powerful film speaks on a very human level, and whilst they do not always know their marketing acronyms, set etiquette or how to pull a content plan together, a good creative of any age stands apart because of their ability to understand how to connect and explore human nature with resonance. I may stand a few rungs higher on the organisational chart, but in the important aspects, those that make our work great, we are equal.


Your Success is Our Success.


Perhaps it is because I was so lucky when I started out in having a first boss who took me under her wing, supported every step of my development and allowed me to be her creative partner when I was in my first job and she was the founder of the company. She opened my eyes to what I could become so that eventually her confidence in me turned into my confidence in myself. For that I am not only eternally grateful, but I feel a real responsibility to pay it forward and to create environments where talent is nurtured and opportunities start to open up. And then they are inevitably off, flying the nest and carving out new paths but I don’t see that negatively because more often than not we have grown together, I have learnt as they have learnt. Their success is my success. For that is the real wonder of youth when the potential you first got excited by truly starts to fully blossom.


Internship Opportunities at Magnafi.


We’re opening our doors this summer to interns who want to join our motley crew of creatives, marketing strategists, filmmakers, directors and producers. If you have your eye on learning in this space among some of the brightest sparks in the industry, we’d love to hear from you.



Please send your CV and a Covering Letter explaining why you think you’d be a great fit for Magnafi to  We’ll be following up those who peak our interest with a 5-minute phone call so be sure to include your contact details.






Isla Kirby
Director of Creative Strategy & Technology, Magnafi.