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                                                 YouTube audit for video marketing

We are now offering a free YouTube audit to help businesses improve their online presence in what is fast becoming the most important channel to engage your potential customers – video marketing.


YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, meaning that your potential customers are searching for answers, recommendations and inspiration related to your product, and want to consume content in an engaging format.


Our audit is a fully comprehensive tool that takes into account every factor of what a successful branded channel should entail. This includes everything from consistent branding to on-page SEO factors, along with advice on how to best utilize your content on site to improve conversion rates.


We’ll also benchmark you against your nearest competitors to explore relevant opportunities around video marketing that are tailored to your target audience. As there is also a strong correlation between a channel’s subscriber size and rankings it is important to position your channel as a leader against your nearest competitors.


Recent findings around YouTube SEO have found many attributes that we cover extensively in our audit to be highly relevant for your brand. You may not be aware that your video’s comments and likes strongly correlate with higher rankings.


Video views also have a high correlation with rankings, so a lack of paid activation and wider brand engagement can quite literally hurt how you rank for key terms!


Let our video marketing agency help you maintain an engaging and professional YouTube channel.

Just fill out the information below for your free audit.