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Whether your digital marketing strategy is meeting all of your dream KPIs or falling at the first hurdle you may have no real idea of your true performance unless you document your strategy. Even worse, your best successes may well be impossible to recreate without proper planning in place.


It may seem obvious to write down what you are doing as you implement new strategies, create content and run campaigns but a massive 61% of B2C businesses and 58% of B2B couldn’t readily show you their documented content strategies in 2014.


While the majority of these firms (67% and 73% respectively) will point you in the direction of who they have overseeing their content it doesn’t seem to be in their own best practises to keep a track of this information.


Documented 1


Documenting 1

Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016


According to the most recent findings from 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends for B2B Content Marketing from the Content Marketing Institute, year on year there are more businesses that don’t a have strategy in place at all. It can be all too tempting for the unorganised business to go from “Yes we have a strategy, but it isn’t documented” to transform into the dreaded “No, we don’t have any strategy.”







Other important aspects to note from this study is that content marketers who kept their efforts documented were;
• More likely to consider themselves effective.
• Felt significantly less challenged with every aspect of their role.
• On average considered themselves more effective in their use of social media.
• Able to justify a higher spend of their overall marketing budget towards content marketing.


Docu 3

Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016



You might not find joy in filling up spreadsheets, timetables, and setting up tasks on project management tools, but no one is going to remember how every single channel is updated and maintained on a daily, weekly and monthly basis off by heart.


The more you track your activities the easier it is to set KPIs for various different metrics. To be able to place your hands upon your most impressive results in a tick is to impress those potential clients with the hard results that win big. Especially with agencies, the pressure is on to be seen as a brand that can advise “do as we do” instead of “do what we say but don’t look at our site”.


Documented 2


Documenting what works is essential for large businesses to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals. How are you able to successfully share your tactics with everyone that works alongside you unless you have your practises noted down?


Unless the firm details are gathered your actions will become a tale of Chinese whispers between you and your colleagues.


If you happen to be similar to the organisations we have cited for poor practices and find the prospect of constructing this plan daunting, then the 1 hour documented strategy guide from Quinn Whissen over at Marketing Land allows you no excuses to keep you from getting started immediately.


If you can imagine improving your current performance at 1% each time you review your strategy, then you can improve massively over time with an ever evolving documented work flow.


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