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Littlewoods recognised that a key part of delivering their ambition to be a world class digital retailer was to engage with customers within a multi channel and multi device environment. Having already seen some early success with video content on Facebook, the challenge was to build an audience on their YouTube channel so that, as well as showcasing new product releases, Littlewoods could become a valued source of lifestyle advice for hard pressed mums.


What we did

Starting with a content workshop, Magnafi pulled on themes from the core brand and analysed existing video consumption within the target audience to establish a number of online TV formats which would sit under the “Littlewoods Life” banner for the key Xmas trading period.

Production teams worked hard in the planning stages to ensure that as many assets as possible were delivered for the campaign including Pre-roll and Banner versions to promote the content release. In post production, call to action prompts were integrated via YouTube annotations allowing viewers to “Shop” the content from wherever the video was embedded across owned and earned channels.




Analytics showed which type of content was delivering the best levels of audience engagement and driving the most product sales which will feed into best practice for the next round of content planning. Overall the two formats “Make it Amazing” with Mylene Klass and “Kids Know Best” delivered close to 750,000 views within the Xmas campaign period.


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