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Vodafone were committed to providing a first class online experience for their customers and so briefed us to explore how we could better deliver key information around core customer enquiries. The solution had to be easily digestible and divert specific traffic from higher cost customer points such as their call centre.


What we did

Created a cross platform app that diverts traffic from expensive call centres and relieves customer frustration.

We knew video consumption was rising rapidly and so began to prototype a video app that would serve easily digestible information to the customer online.Presenter video shot against green screen and integrated with animated screenshots and graphics to visualise the solution clearly and quickly. In the first roll out, Magnafi shot 25 of the most commonly asked billing questions coming into the Vodafone call centre. We designed and built the App and delivered for the Ask Gerry microsite.


Vodaphone app development



FAQ has now been developed to work across tablet devices and the number of customers “self serving” continues to relieve call centre traffic. The FAQ app is currently in a new stage of development to integrate personalised customer data.


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