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The National Graphene Institute (NGI), the world’s leading facility for Graphene research, gets 100s of visit requests from industry and academics. As much as the team wants to be able to give everyone a personal experience, due to the sheer volume of requests, this can not always be done.

We needed to find a way to showcase the NGI’s state-of-the-art facilities, to audiences across the globe, through informative and engaging means.



We created an immersive and interactive experience, through a 360 degree tour film. The film takes places in key locations within the NGI such as the state-of-the-art cleanrooms, chemical labs and prototyping rooms and features researchers and laboratory technicians going about their daily roles, to capture the essence of the NGI.

The interactive footage not only features an accompanying VO, which provides detailed information on each of the areas but also a technique to build graphical layers within the 360 environment to provide additional information and intrigue. One of the first applications to do this effectively.


The finished film provides the NGI with a ‘first response’ tool to share with those requesting a visit and acts as a platform for enquiry fulfilment or further conversation. It has increased engagement with the site and been received positively amongst those interested in attending the University with a focus on 2D Material Research.

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