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News of Graphene’s discovery had exploded across the world but the actual birthplace of this revolutionary material had been overshadowed and forgotten as nation’s and institutions grappled to “own” it. We were tasked to engage with academics, students and – most importantly – industrial partners across the world to leave them in no doubt that Manchester University was the global authority.


What we did

The key objective was to reach potential commercial partners for the commercial team to then develop.

So we started by developing a plan to create a piece of compelling hero video content and distribute it through paid social media ads and content networks. We used radius targeting it to target the campuses of over 400 industrial businesses across the globe during office hours. We then retargeted audiences who had watched the hero content with successive hub content videos, delivering deeper levels of information to keep them engaged.

In addition to paid activity, we created a series of hygiene videos founded on data from google trends and the keyword planner tool and optimised these for search in order to drive significant organic traffic from the academic and undergraduate community.



Graphene video content is appearing in articles around the world. The University of Manchester’s hero video has been referenced in some of the world’s largest publications such as Time magazine and the Wall Street Journal.



Chairman’s award Roses Awards, Gold Award for Online Film/Viral Advert Roses Awards and Gold award for Online Film Freshtival

From the outset of working with Magnafi, I have been impressed by their creativity, passion, drive and professionalism. They have produced a variety of dynamic, award-winning content, which has helped inform a worldwide audience about the wonders of graphene and the crucial role Manchester plays. Being a North-West agency, their sense of fierce pride in something born and bred in the region was clear to see. Daniel Cochlin , Graphene Communications and Marketing Manager at The University of Manchester.