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At Magnafi, we pride ourselves on our work with worthy causes generating awareness for those most in need of our help.

The Breathe Life initiative was our first “start-up” non-profit effort, as previous efforts of ours worked alongside pre-existing causes (Such as the NHS’s Bridge Over You Campaign). We are currently living in an epidemic of loneliness that affects the elderly around the world. There are quite literally older people dying from loneliness every single day. We wanted to change perceptions of what it means to be lonely but inviting elders to share their wisdom with the younger generation.


What we did

Our founder Magnafi director Steve Byrne jumped at the chance to collaborate with the newly envisioned platform. We found five brilliant older people from Cheshire in the UK, who together offered 250 collective years of wisdom to hundreds of participants across the world.

Our main hero video utilised our in-house production efforts to depict the true meaning of having a lifetime of wisdom, but no one to share it with. To help end loneliness by restoring the feeling of pride and self-worth to our select group of elders we were proud to work with Cheshire East based charity Life Links, this along with the use of Pawpawmail was essential for the everyday facilitation of communications. Social media outreach, content, social automation and targeting was co-ordinated to reach only those who would be the most interested in participating, our most successful reach and rates of engagement were due to organic planning with likeminded influencers within the sectors of health care, elder care and inspirational/feel good content.



Within mere days of our launch we smashed our original target of 500 pledges, gaining in excess of 600 people pledging to end elder loneliness.

Across all the initiatives on our campaign had the highest number of pledges, along with a Twitter following that still exceeds that of our campaign host. This initial stage was extremely well received throughout social media and the wider press, gaining the attention of numerous age awareness organisations, from Independent Age, to various regional divisions of Age UK, to AARP International (whose main body boasts a membership of 38 million individuals). Our posts were also shared by many positivity and mindfulness influencers who sported many hundreds of thousands of followers. We contacted the bulk of influential journalists in this area and for this we received further social media endorsement and praise as well as blog coverage.



In essence this was only our beta period, so we were thrilled to see just how many people from around the world wanted to play their part in a cause so close to our hearts. We have continuously received praise through social media and we can’t wait to launch the results of the study we have also been working alongside Bolton University on in our next stage to share our findings.


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