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Older people in the UK are literally dying of loneliness. It’s proven to be worse for your health than smoking 15 cigarettes a day and it’s rapidly becoming an epidemic in Western society. Social Campaign group Breathe Life had an idea that by instilling feelings of pride and self worth in older people they could seriously reduce the negative effects of loneliness.  They felt they could do it on a very simple premise:  Ask an elder for some advice.

Having been picked up by to feature as an initiative on their site,  Breathe Life found five older people in Cheshire to become their first elders and then asked Magnafi to help them engage and recruit people to send them some questions.

We had £250 a week to spend on paid media.


What we did

Our research showed that, whilst there is also a benefit to the person receiving the advice, we really needed to focus on pushing some sympathy buttons and elicit an emotional response from the viewer in order for them to break from their daily routine and post a question. The creative idea “The Sound of Silence” creates an inescapable and uncomfortable sense of loneliness for the audience through long held shots and poignant sound design. The performance of our main character is heart breaking and no doubt played a big role in generating high view-through-rate.

We shot multiple formats and lengths to ensure we had maximum impact across different social channels and devices. The distribution team then tested and refined media spend across channels before placing majority of budget on a heavily targeted Facebook campaign as well as re-targeting from the Kindness site and followers of closely related Charity campaigns on Twitter.



Bronze Roses Award for best charity campaign

• More Twitter followers than kindness .org itself
• Most visited and most pledged of any initiative
• Helped prove the theory and Breathe Life now going through funding rounds to take the platform to a global audience
• The success has created a problem in that we now need more elders so watch out for the forthcoming recruitment campaign


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