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Challenge wanted to show just how wonderful it is to give to others. Magnafi were tasked to create a social campaign to show the British public that by the simple act of giving they can spread joy to family, friends and even strangers all around the country.


What we did

Working with Very, Magnafi developed and produced the social campaign to work alongside the main TV ad created by London ad agency St Luke’s. To accompany the main TV campaign, a beautiful heartfelt CGI animation of a woman spreading joy by giving gifts, Magnafi brought the campaign to the real world when we captured the emotions of the general public as they gave and received special gifts in Manchester, London and Liverpool. We also researched around how The Gift of Giving has proven long term benefits in regards to mental health, overall happiness and even longevity.



The social video had been live for less than a week and had already racked up more than 80 thousand views and over 700 positive engagements. The video went viral attracting over 400,000 views throughout social. We wanted to take our campaign a stage further, so we accompanied this with a nationwide search for those Very special people who are the living embodiment of the spirit of giving.

Anyone could nominate someone dear to their heart that they believe deserves a once in a lifetime experience from Very. In just 2 weeks we had attracted over 37,000 nominations.


We created four videos to follow those people that we wanted to pay special thanks to for their heartfelt stories. We followed Maddie, a young girl who suffered from neurofibromatosis. Her Mum had nominated her for her selflessness towards others despite her condition. Ena was selected for a life spent taking care of the elderly. She now often cares for those younger than her, which shows how long she has spent working in elder care. Next we met Shannon, who was nominated by her sister after their Mum passed away. They were treated with a day trip to London. Trudy was nominated for her bravery in the face of her husband suffering a boating accident and her own battle breast cancer, which she survived. It was a campaign that certainly tugged at the heartstrings of everyone involved and we were proud to be part of sharing the worthy winners’ stories with the world.


“From an original goal of 10,000 nominations we were thrilled to surpass our target ”

– Rachel Hawkins. Social Media Manager.


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