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Our fabulous country is not built for the heat…..and neither are our offices. We just don’t know what to do when it goes over 23 degrees


HSS conducted research of 2,000 office staff and found nearly half workers think it’s acceptable to work less hard when it’s hot at work, and leads to bad tempers, inappropriate dress and even increased flirting. When the mercury rises, people turn to HR and property managers to have a good moan. Our usually mild weather doesn’t require offices to have expensive air conditioning units year round, meaning these are only a short term requirement. However, most businesses will only look to hire a unit when the temperature goes up and productivity has already gone down. HSS wanted to help businesses avoid this loss in productivity and hire an air con unit just before the weather starts to heat up.


Based on the research conducted by HSS, we created a suite of infographics showing the key stats in an engaging and humorous way. A short animated video was created to bring these stats to life using the same animated style.


We then targeted HR and office managers across the UK using LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube advertising using the image and video content, with an objective of driving hire queries. These targeted adverts were only shown in locations where the temperature was forecast to rise above 23 degrees in the next 2 days, to ensure we were advertising at the point of need.


The video was viewed over 50,00 times in what was a very short albeit hot British summer. Due to the very specific targeting methods we saw an impressive view rate of 35% on YouTube, much higher than the average of below 20%