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Use film to drive the absolute maximum from Missguided’s celebrity investment by engaging audiences across multiple channels and screens.


What we did

Different channels and screens provide slightly different challenges for a Brand to make an impact in. More and more studies show how by evolving campaign content to work in harmony with each different environment, brands drive far stronger engagement than a traditional one size fits all approach.


So when Missguided secured a partnership with rising U.S star Pia Mia, it was clear the opportunity was much more than just producing a broadcast TV commercial. Instead, we worked with the Missguided team to ensure we identified the key channels in their core customer journey and then set about planning the shoot to capture a whole suite of different content.



Spanning Vine, Facebook, YouTube, Digital Outdoor, VOD, Native Ad Network and In store, we shot bespoke footage for a stack of different ad formats as well as creating longer form organic content to roll out on a campaign microsite, the Missguided YouTube channel and in the marketing team’s blogger outreach programme.  When combined with the selection of broadcast TV ads, Magnafi & the Missguided team created 26 different film assets from just the one shoot – all precision engineered to get the most out of the environment they played out in.



Magnafi’s multi channel production planning ensured that, not only did the production budget deliver more value than a traditional ad agency approach, but the Missguided team were able to maximise their investment in Pia Mia. The sheer weight and creative variety of content conveyed the genuine passion Pia Mia had for the Missguided brand rather than it coming across as her just picking up a pay check. No need for additional shoots.


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