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What happens when you blend a cast of Mancunian music and culture icons with filmmaker magicians and fuel this with thousands of people who want to share their love and appreciation for the NHS? Thank U NHS.

This single and video campaign to celebrate the National Health Service received 4 million impressions with celebrities, influencers and NHS advocates sharing their gratitude using the core message, #ThankUNHS.

Using the power of film, web, social, PR and collaboration, we showed the NHS how much we all care.




Simon Lewis, Owner and Chief Creative Officer of Magnafi had the ingenious plan to thank the NHS staff for their hard work and dedication by producing a Christmas single which was pulled together with The Kink’s ”Days“ and ”Thank You Very Much“ by The Scaffold for the soundtrack.


‘Thank U NHS’ featured former Happy Monday’s frontman Shaun Ryder, comedian Johnny Vegas and Manchester children’s choir ‘Little Belters’ alongside a host of stars including Sadie Frost and Julie Hesmondhalgh.



Running alongside the music video, we asked people via Twitter to share their ‘Thank U NHS’ messages. We asked Nick Entwistle, Founder of @OneMinuteBriefs to share the message with his 13,000+ strong Twitter followers to get them on board and share their ideas for the campaign also.


Thank U NHS - One Minute Briefs Submissions




We generated hundreds of user-generated submissions from NHS champions and celebrities in just a couple of weeks, reaching over 4 million people. Celebrities including Dynamo, Johnny Vegas, Shaun Ryder, Ralph Little, Kevin Bishop and Gary Lineker endorsed the campaign with their messages of gratitude too.


Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England shared his ‘Thank U NHS’ message via YouTube and used our campaign to directly show his gratitude to his NHS workforce. For us, this was a pivotal point in the campaign that demonstrated the strength of our message and met our ultimate goal to show the people of the NHS that their hard work and dedication has been recognised.


Thank U NHS - Social Media Results

Thank U NHS - PR Coverage




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Talk to Steve Byrne or Simon Lewis and give them a buzz on 0330 995 0212 or leave us a message at Contact Us and we’ll be in touch right away.