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Very delivered an all staff presentation that celebrated their 5th birthday but also commenced a new strategy to grow knowledge about their customer base. We were asked to find a way to extend this content and create a real space where staff could engage with this important content in an innovative and playful way.


What we did

Helped Very celebrate their 5th birthday and grow staff knowledge about their customers through an interactive experience.



A key aim was to demonstrate new technologies that would encourage engagement and develop knowledge of what’s possible with interactive video for digital delivery and experiential events.

One of the most exciting video technologies we’ve seen is the emergence of a wide range of films that allow video to be projected onto glass surfaces, and that surface to even be made touch responsive. In this case we used acrylic that would allow people outside the cube to see that things were happening inside, to encourage new audience members to see what was happening.

Another thing we love is the ability to use movement to interact with video, touch is great, Kinect is also cool. But in this case we used Leap Motion, which offers a way of taking very small hand movements, with incredible accuracy, to drive interaction with the video. Yes, just like Tom Cruise in Minority Report.



Any project is only as good as the teams that work together to deliver it. We worked closely with a new reactive digital team, who were brought together to drive innovation, to deliver a successful project – in less than three weeks.

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