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This week Ted Baker launched a campaign that has got the advertising industry purring, so we would like to break it down and explain what they have done and what you can learn from them.



The new campaign centres around the lives of seemingly picture-perfect fictional family The Bakers. Think The Brady Bunch meets Mad Men meets The Sims and you get the idea about the aesthetic and the potential strange goings on behind the white picket fence and twitching curtains.


It has been described by people in the industry as a “branded comedy sitcom”, which clearly sets it apart from the usual high budget fashion photographer style campaigns we see from other brands.


Although the campaign has only just launched, it looks as though they will be periodically releasing content to keep their audience entertained and engaged over a period time, rather than just one big bang of a TV commercial.



It is amazing that in 2017, we are still seeing campaigns that are totally hinged on TV with little thought put into how it will play out across other channels.


With this campaign, Ted Baker have taken the opposite approach, creating a campaign that works perfectly in each channel, but with Instagram as the main hub; taking into consideration device size and orientation, features within social media, and how people go from one channel to another


Below are some of the content that has been released so far, and there is promise of more to come. Watch this space…


YouTube – main campaign film



360 degree shoppable film


Featured on the homepage of – move around The Bakers home, seeing the strange goings on and swooning over the clothes.




Facebook Canvas – interactive shoppable experience mixing video and stills


Instagram Video – short clips urging users to go to the ephemeral Stories feature





Instagram Stories – fun, short lived video sequences



Facebook – mixture of stills and video



Key takeout:


Don’t just think about TV in your marketing campaign. Plan your creative to be viewed across social channels, taking into account size, orientation and features.


In addition, release a suite of content over time to keep your audience entertained and engaged over a period of time.


At MAGNAFI we work with brands to ensure they reach relevant audiences with engaging and entertaining content.

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